BF1 + 4FX

1. Download the source code

for BlackfinOne V2, V2.1, IP04 and PR1-Appliance and BF537 STAMP

svn co\
svnroot/astfin/software/astfin/trunk/ astfin

2. Build uImage

[astfin]$ make menuconfig
[astfin]$ make
[astfin]$ make image
[astfin]$ cp image_blackfinone_v2/uImage /tftpboot

You are done!

= Testing and Installation =

3. If you are using 4FX board please move the jumper JMP2 (PF2) to JMP9 (PF1). This change is required due to PF2 being reserved for SPI flash booting.


4. Setup your u-boot environment to point to your ftp server

bf1>setenv 'serverip=tftp.server.ip.address'

5. Boot on your target: ”’Please note that Asterisk’s configuration files will be saved to your parallel flash. Your uImage stored there will be lost”’

bf1> tftp 0x2000000 uImage
bf1> bootm 0x2000000

6. The IP will be assigned using DHCP, to determine your IP use ‘ifconfig’ on the
Blackfin console.

7. Point your web browser at http://yourIP, the username is ‘admin’,
password ‘mysecret’.

8. You can telnet into your Blackfin , the username is ‘root’,
password ‘uClinux’

9. If you are satisfied, you can load the image into your serial flash (bf1):

bf1> tftp 0x2000000 uImage
bf1> eeprom write 0x2000000 30000 $(filesize)

Note for STAMP users: the uImage is too large to fit in your 4MB flash, you must use tftp.

10. Update you u-boot environment

bf1> setenv 'spiboot eeprom read 2000000 30000 4fc171;run addnet;bootm 2000000'
bf1> saveenv

”’4fc171 represents actual size of your uImage (in hex). Please make sure that you record it while performing step 9”’

11. If you are using a USB memory stick (bf1), you can configure Astfin to use high quality ulaw prompts.

bf1> /bin/create_sounds

12. If you need to modify any startup parameters such as DHCP, static IP , timezone etc, please edit /etc/asterisk/rc.conf.