I am pleased to announce general availability of the FX08 IP-PBX by Li and EdgePBX. Astfin driven, 8 port analog/or 1 span digital board is based on Blackfin 533 running at 500MHz. The extra CPU cycles (in comparison to BF532 @ 400MHz) help with overall capabilities and make FX08 very stable. Very competitive price, cool feature set and compatibility with standard single port Digium modules, makes it very attractive choice in quickly expanding Blackfin based family of IP-PBXs.
The FX08 will be available shortly at the price of $550 USD for 8 port configuration.
As usual, the schematic will be available online.

1. ADSP-BF533 500MHz CPU
2. Onboard 128MB SDRAM @ 125MHz
3. 256KB serial flash for the Bootloader
4. 2 Ethernet ports
5. SD/MMC card interface
6. 512MB NAND flash for voicemail, CDR and prompts.
7. Buffered clocks and TDM bus
8. Up to 8 Analog FXS/FXO modules
9. Support for optional single span E1/T1 module
10. Astfin2 with Asterisk 1.4.x, Zaptel 1.4.x
11. 4 layer PCB
12. System LED blink during boot process
13. Hardware reset to factory defaults
14. Battery backup for Real Time Clock


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  1. Bill
    Posted July 22, 2008 at 2:51 pm | Permalink

    Very Nice Work. Where can the schematics be found?

  2. Posted October 5, 2008 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    Hmm, I would suggest to try
    http://www.edgepbx.cn/update/hardware/FX08.pdf or email Li directly

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