Introducing… the Telesto 2XS appliance!

Been working on this for quite some time, and after much coaxing (and coaching!) by Mark, we’re now introducing the Telesto dual FXS port appliance! … or TL-2XS for short. The TL-2XS is a fixed configuration (i.e. only 2 ports, and always 2 ports…) appliance, and is design to be a production- quality, compliance-test ready, manufacturable hardware device from the start. Its key features are:

64-128MB SDRAM
128KB-8MB serial flash for the bootloader

… and possibly even kernel, Astfin and a small amount of voicemail/prompts

Ethernet port with high performance PHY
SD card interface with a dedicated bus
The latest Astfin 2.0 software

Two 3210/3215 SLICs
4 layer PCB

This platform also supports a DIP switch selection to allow the CPU to boot from the UART or from SPI ROM. For those of you not familiar with this feature, the Blackfin supports a slave mode boot from UART. In this boot mode (BMODE), you can send a LDR file from a host to the Blackfin to boot. This might come in handy later!

The serial port on the TL-2XS is a vertical mount RJ-11 connector – which makes it easy to connect to a serial port of a PC. This also means that this port can be hidden when an enclosure is built around the unit – but is easily accessible by opening the lid.

Another hope is to experiment and play with a couple of different modes of accessing the SD card, either with the SPI-TDM emulation, or shared with the SLICs. More on that later!

Here is a picture of the board! Boots and runs the entire system – this part went without much of a hiccup… currently working on getting the SLICs up an running…
TL-2XS appliance

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