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We are proud to announce that we are back at full speed.
Very shortly you will see new Astfin release with support for Asterisk 1.8 and full Dahdi for all products.
Shortly after, we will be adding libpri support to replace mISDN for our BRI products.
Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of this year, we are looking to expand into new areas. One of them is Home Automation, specifically, using ZigBee protocol.
At this point, we have pre-production version of coordinator modules designated to operate with IP0x and FX0x devices as well as with any PCI/PCIe based hardware accepting single port FXS/FXO modules.

In order to perform standard actions such as collect data (current consumption) or turning on/off some appliances, the modules (ZB01) will communicate with 3rd party ZigBee sensors and endpoints.
In addition, we will provide speciality ZigBee endpoints which could monitor and collect data for medical applications and/or from other non telephone/home automation areas.

ZB01 Coordinator modules

ZB01 Coordinator modules

As usual, the driver part will be provided as open source. This will allow developers to expand provided feature set and to jump start with addition of other ZigBee hardware. As per Asterisk integration, we will provide chan_zigbee or app_zigbee application to allow full control from your Asterisk dialplan. SMS integration will also be available.

In the near future, we will also provide a standalone ZigBee coordinator with UMTS and Wifi support for seamless integration into the Wireless world.
In addition to ZigBee, we will soon announce new modules providing support for PTT or 4wire interface. This will simplify integration of IP0x/FX0x devices with Two Way radios and similar devices.

Stay tuned …

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