BR4-Appliance aka IPBRI

Finally, after a year we’ve managed to deliver our BRI appliance to the market.



After seeing tremendous success of IP04 and IP08 units designed by David Rowe and manufactured by Atcom, we’ve decided to accept Atcom’s offer and to utilize their manufacturing capabilities to deliver our BR4-Appliance to the market in production quantities.
As a result…first units are already being distributed to our initial customers.

The BR4-Appliance (or IP-BRI ) as all other our designs runs Astfin2, which is in essence custom uClinux distribution oriented towards telephony applications.
To provide ISDN connectivity we run mISDN stack and chan_misdn to communicate with Asterisk

For Web based management, we provide slightly modified version of Asterisk GUI 2, with support for our digital line interfaces and other BR4-Appliance specifics.

In order to provide Telco grade quality, we’ve developed hardware based Line Echo Cancellation module which is distributed as an option for the BR4-Appliance.

BR4-appliance can be purchased from uCpbx Ltd. or Atcom


256KB serial flash for the bootloader
256MB NAND flash for voicemail and prompts.
SD card interface on a dedicated bus
Hardware G.168 Line Echo Cancellation (64 ms) (optional)
Power supply 6 - 12VDC
Power consumption; idle state; 150 mA at 12V?


Quad ISDN (2B+1D) interface
TE with PTP and PTMP
Single 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with high performance PHY
RS-232 interface for console access

Target Markets:

VoIP - TDM Gateways
PBX / IVR / Call Centers
VoIP Services
Custom Platforms / Development

How do I purchase it?

For all our products, including IP-BRI (BR4-Appliance) and optional echo module, please visit our online store at

Whats’s Next ?

We are already working on the 2 port version with NT/TE support and a smaller footprint


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  1. AliBB
    Posted February 3, 2009 at 3:51 am | Permalink

    Dear Mark,
    We are using your BR4 design since September 08 and it is running without any problem with your ASTFIN2 since November 08.
    We will start large distribution soon.
    Excellent work Mark.

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